Custom Silo Builds

Custom Silo Builds

At Osakis Silo, we pride ourselves on taking new challenges on all types of specialty silo and silo roof applications all over the country.

We were asked to make a silo attached to a house, put windows, doors and floors in it, on a lake and it came out beautifully.

We custom designed a silo into a deerstand platform, so a hunter could put a blind on top, and stairs up the side so his kids & grand kids could easily & safelty sit in the deer & turkey blind.  Turned out perfectly!

We have also made several old silos visually appealing again, by adding a new roof, chute, and repainting the staves. The home owners were very pleased.

Here at Osakis Silo, we have the expertise, drive, experience and confindence to do anything you can dream up with your silo or roof project.